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About us

Welcome to Heavenly Hot Packs!  We hope you will let us help you soothe your sore, tired, achy muscles!

We are a family run business based out of Edmonton, Alberta.  The business started in November of 2013.  That month, the founder of the business, Tina, had posted one photo of a hot pack she had made on social media.  Based on that one photo she had over 300 sales that month, hired her family and the business was born.  Tina came up with the name Heavenly Hot Packs, feeling that the angels and heavens had directed her on this journey, the venture into branding the business began.  

At Heavenly Hot Packs, we take pride in offering customers exceptional service, as well as knowing that all of the business tasks are done in house and nothing is outsourced.  Cutting, sewing, fabric selection, marketing, trade shows and all other tasks required are done by one of us.  

Heavenly Hot Packs are made in a smoke-free, pet-free, kid friendly environment.  They are handled with love every step of the production process, ensuring you receive a product we are proud to call Heavenly Hot Packs.  The rest of the Heavenly Hot Pack family include Des (Tina’s mom), Darryl (Tina’s husband), Megan, Hunter & Eva (Tina’s little loves)!

Heavenly Hot Packs are fantastic when heated up, or tossed in the freezer for some cooling effects.  We provide various shapes and sizes as well as offer close to 40 fabric options to suit the many tastes and styles of our customers.  The hot packs are filled with locally sourced jasmine rice, which retains heat for lengthy periods of time without causing any odor or allergens.  The rice is a great filler ensuring the hot pack can contour to your body and is not rough or stiff. 

The fabric choices we have chosen are flannel because of the softness and durability of the fabric.  Foot warmers are made with minky as well, adding luxurious comfort and softness.

Heavenly Hot Packs have been sold all over Canada to numerous customers, many who have become repeats.  They have told us that we have helped them with migraines, headaches, backaches, knee pains, menstrual cramps and tummy aches.  Relaxing, getting children to sleep and boo-boos are a few more uses.  We believe in shopping local, and support local businesses.  

We hope you fall in love and enjoy our products!