Foot Warmers


Circles - Azure
Mint Circles - Graphite
Red Plaid - Black
Blue Plaid - Black
Stewart Plaid - Black
Grey Dot - Graphite
Dog - Brown
Ice Bear - Ash
Forest Animals - Black
Ladybug - Red
Grumpy Cat Aqua - Brown
Star - Black

Product Details

Our foot warmers provide luxurious warmth and comfort!  The size fits up to a Men’s shoe size 10 with room to move your feet.  Whether you’re cozying up on the couch, watching your favorite movie or using the foot warmer just to warm up, you will not be disappointed!  

The foot warmers are made with flannel fabric outside and minky fabric inside, however they are fully reversible for added comfort!  

How to use????                                                                                                     FOR HOT: Microwave for 30 seconds increments.                                       FOR COLD: Place in plastic bag, freeze.

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